Traced Bums – from a reference

This experience was eye-opening! Gradually i have been collecting secondary images from various online platforms i.e. Pinterest, Instagram. This included photographs, drawings and ‘How to’ guides.

These references were used as a starting point, selecting the most appropriate images to be used for tracing (the ones that were easier to see through tracing paper). I wanted to use this method to aid my understanding of ‘shape’ as i would be tracing exactly what i saw.

This was a really good method because it allowed me to see all of the lumps and bumps that bodies have. Nothing was tainted with trying to smooth out the lines. It was drawing exactly what i saw. I noticed lots of things about the shapes; how it could be altered depending on how the person was stood; how being sat down effected the shape and how the structure of your hips effect the overall appearance of your bum. All of these bums look ‘real’ to me, they aren’t manufactured or smoothed out. I feel like i have seen these types of bums walking round in the street.

In the future, i would love to do this exercise on a much larger scale, maybe even life-size to make them feel more accurate and realistic, because how they would look at this size could be completely different to how they look in miniature.

Traced Bums – from a reference