Pattern repeat on Photoshop is my favourite thing!! I completely forgot how much i love it.

I wanted to put my hand drawn designs into Photoshop so i could play around with scale and how it affects the design.

I found that although i really like the small motif pattern repeats, i did not like that almost all of the detail was lost, where as the much larger designs were a lot clearer.

Despite this, i think i would rather have it somewhere in the middle so that it is unclear what they are so that it draws you in and then you realise that they are bums. This is why some of the shapes don’t actually have the bum crack (need to find a better word!) detail on them. I quite like the playful idea that you aren’t quite sure of what you are looking at, but it makes you chuckle when you realise.


The Rule of Three

I got this idea from ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ which is a way of learning spellings that i used to do at school. I wanted to apply the technique here by looking at an image and drawing from it. I would do this three times from each image with a timed gap between each one. The aim was to help me understand the construction of a bum and isolate what i wanted to focus on.

From the drawing process, i found that on the third drawing i was focusing mainly on the outer edge of the figure and less on the shadows and shading. I also became more confident with the lines i was making because the shapes became familiar to me.


Overall, i really like this method because it makes sure that i draw what i see confidently which i can then take into other areas of y practice. I can also recognise the varieties of shapes that are out there.

The Rule of Three