Another Life Drawing Class

I was lucky enough to attend another life drawing class. This time i was focusing more on proportions and getting the whole figure to be on the page, as i seem to have a knack of zooming into one particular area.

There were several stages that we did, but this is the final drawing i did:


I was really pleased with the outcome because it showed what i had learnt. I managed to get the whole model on the page (barring his feet, but i am still counting it as the whole figure). I noticed from the other drawings that i did that i like to accentuate features by making them seem much larger than they are. I particularly like using a curved line which makes the figure look much more statuesque and as though they are a permanent feature on the background. Because of this, my tutor suggested that i look at the work of Henry Moore (who is already one of my favourites anyway) because he manages to create the same effect with his drawings and sculptures, by making them blend into the landscape. Another artist she suggested was Bill Brandt who is a photographer. He hightens the contrast in his work which is black and white anyway. This makes his work have more depth.

I look forward to taking part in more of the classes in the future.

Another Life Drawing Class