Initial Ideas – where to start

I have been trying to find out why i want to do this project, so i can create a question i can answer for my dissertation. I want to do a monograph where i reflect upon my own practice as well as carrying out primary research. This will allow all of my work to link together and allow my research to be more opinion orientated. (I like facts, but they aren’t as interesting as what people think are they?)

These are my initial thoughts of areas i could explore:

  • How can shape be manipulated?
  • Movement – how this impacts the appearance.
  • Age – how does shape alter over time?
  • Look at objects that look like bums
  • Men and Women – differences and similarities
  • The impact of clothes
  • Historical fashion and the bum
  • Staged photos and natural photos (action)
  • Other peoples’ interpretations of the shapes of bums
  • Why do i smooth out the lines when i am not tracing?
  • How many shapes are there?
  • How can shape be interpreted?
  • How does perspective alter the appearance?
  • Use the Bum Jug as a starting/focus point
  • Skeletal structure
  • photograph my own bum everyday in what i am wearing
  • ‘Does my bum look good in this?’ – ask people to wear what they think shows off their bum.
  • Life drawing – understand the human form
  • Why do i like bums?
  • What is the preferred shape?
  • What makes you a bum person?
  • Why do people like bums?
  • Why are we so intrigued with the human body? And why do i focus on bums?

In time i will narrow down where my interests lie as i go on with my drawings and bits of research.

Initial Ideas – where to start