Pattern repeat on Photoshop is my favourite thing!! I completely forgot how much i love it.

I wanted to put my hand drawn designs into Photoshop so i could play around with scale and how it affects the design.

I found that although i really like the small motif pattern repeats, i did not like that almost all of the detail was lost, where as the much larger designs were a lot clearer.

Despite this, i think i would rather have it somewhere in the middle so that it is unclear what they are so that it draws you in and then you realise that they are bums. This is why some of the shapes don’t actually have the bum crack (need to find a better word!) detail on them. I quite like the playful idea that you aren’t quite sure of what you are looking at, but it makes you chuckle when you realise.


Repeat Pattern

One of the themes of my project is repetition, so obviously i have been drawn to repeat pattern.

For these drawings i have focused on a few key shapes of both male and female bums. I was thinking about the different ways i could make a repeat. I really like the idea of overlapping the shapes because it makes a more abstract image, however, the individual shape can be lost, which is not the case for the image on the left.

Repeat Pattern

Drawing Large Scale

I wanted to draw large scale because i felt the need to make big marks instead of working in sketchbooks, so i used A2 paper or i stuck two together to make A1.

I either used previous drawings or photographs from books as a reference.

I found this process very freeing because i didn’t have to think too much about accuracy. I allowed myself to accentuate certain areas and features that i liked. I also liked how messy everything got as well!

I did like working in colour, but i think my favourites are the grey-scale pieces (which as a colour lover, i find very odd). I think it is because you can see the detail more, and the marks look a lot harsher than that which is done in greens. I particularly like the drawings where i have applied a watered down ink wash.

Drawing Large Scale