Digital Collage

collageI have produced collages in the past and find them quite therapeutic because of the consideration and thought that goes into the placement of each material.

In this piece, i wanted to explore a digital collage to see how the appearance differs from that of a physical collage. To do this, i drew the central image first (without the black outline), and duplicated it multiple times, each time, altering the filters and effects. Gradually, i built up the background with these image variations to cover the majority of the white background by rotating them and changing their size.

Once the background was complete, i wanted to ensure the central image would remain in focus (that’s also why i made sure the background was not the same colour), so i kept it at the original size, but used a black fine liner tool to give the shapes a rough outline. I didn’t want the lines to be “perfect” so i did it free hand to get the essence of the shape, and not the exact replica.

Digital Collage

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