Tate Liverpool – Matisse Bronze and Painting

I knew Matisse through his famous cut-outs, and had paid close attention to his paintings; however, i never knew he did large bronze sculptures! This exhibition at Tate Liverpool (Matisse in Focus) was a very welcome surprise and i loved it!

Whilst there, i took to my sketchbook and pencils by drawing from observation, picking out only bum related pieces of work (obviously). I always forget how satisfying and peaceful it is to draw in a gallery space. There is something very freeing about it (especially as it makes you feel like a real artist!).

From the observational drawings i completed whilst at the gallery, i went on to redraw the sculptures and painting to see how the shapes would change and alter. Proportions are not my strong point, so i also traced over the digital images of the works to create a more expressive version of my drawings. This is definitely a technique i will be taking forward, as it also helped me to understand how the colour layers are built up as the drawing grows.






Tate Liverpool – Matisse Bronze and Painting

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