More Matisse (because you can never have too much Matisse)

I wanted to focus a bit more on Matisses other works as it is not something i have really looked at. His cut-outs are what have really made an impression on me, but i feel his creative style in other areas of his practice are really underrated.


Another male nude!! (I don’t just want to focus on woman, but find it difficult to find male subjects. I’m not just being weird. Ha!) Although in black and white, due to the printing colours of the book, the work still remains very expressive. It could appear a bit block-ish in terms of how the colours blend together, but if you blur your eyes, they blend seamlessly. It is a very impressive skill!





This piece is from the front view of the subject, but i really liked the style in which this piece was created. The lines are very simplistic, but accentuate the curves and shape, by nipping in the waist quite severely to reveal the full figure of the model.







All images from this blog post were sourced from –

Spurling, H. (1998). The Unknown Matisse, A life of Henri Matisse, Volume One: 1869-1908. United States of America: Hamish Hamilton Ltd.

More Matisse (because you can never have too much Matisse)

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