Stacey Baker – Citilegs

This project is called ‘Citilegs’. I first stumbled across the project on instagram. The way the photographs were set up really interested me because they are all taken from the torso down. You don’t see anybodies faces, but they all still have personality. I’m not really sure what the aim of this project is, i just think it is fab!


@stace_a_lace – Stacey Baker


It is one of those feeds that you just find yourself scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. I cannot stop looking at it! I find it fascinating the varieties of shapes women are. There are some fantastically shaped women in this project!


@stace_a_lace – Stacey Baker


This project stood out for me because it is something i could explore when looking at bums. The set up is really simple but it works. Having a plain but interesting background enables you to focus on the subject in the middle of the photo.


@stace_a_lace – Stacey Baker

References (all images) –

Baker, S. (c2016). Stace_a_lace. Retrieved 27 March, 2016, from

Stacey Baker – Citilegs

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