Bums from Memory

My ninja camera skills are not very good, so i have to resort to memory when it comes to drawing the bums i have seen during the day. It is quite fun though, because if i were to photograph these bums (which i would ask permission for) the people i may ask would become self conscious and this could affect how they stand and how they hold themselves. By doing it this way, i ensure the bums remain natural, but there will be some inevitable editing as i am having to remember what they looked like.

For this i experimented with the angles that i saw the bums, this depended on the circumstances i came across the people who the bums belong to. It was extremely interesting because i have previously been focusing on the silhouette from the rear view and seeing what shapes there are. By using this side angle, it has shown the shapes of peoples’ spines and how this affects their stomach as well as their bum and their posture. Also, the size of someones bum can be very wide but is actually very flat.

These are all things i want to explore with my next drawings and also potential areas for me to focus my research for the academic aspect of this project.

Bums from Memory

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