Exploring Shape Types

It is incredible just how many different shapes there are! At first i thought it was a bit odd some of the shapes (which are demonstrated with letters, H, O, V & A) would fit into the categories, because to look at the letters you think ‘I have never seen that shape before!’. However, it is only when you start to draw them, you realise just how many you have actually seen.


In order to understand this theory better, i drew out the letters first and then drew the bums around these letters. It was extremely eye-opening because it made me think about the different varieties of shapes and also the influences that can affect the shape of your bum i.e. weight distribution, skeletal structure and position of the body (sitting or standing). Some of these can be altered and manipulated at first glance, but when you analyse a shape, you can usually see what letter it would fit into.

Exploring Shape Types

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