Abstract Bums

‘Abstract’ is something i am really drawn to because it is so expressive. It opens up a subject matter to interpretation and allows the artwork to be utilised in so many other ways once it is completed.

The type of ‘abstract’ i am used to is big, bright, bold lines and marks, and although i know the methods i have used here are quite reserved, this is the first time i have applied a theme to it, rather than leaving it up to serendipity.

I want to use this method more because it forces you to see shapes in a new way. Instead of just repeating the same thing, it pushes you to think about how they are constructed; what is impacting on their appearance, and also, what do you want to gain from the drawing. This is extremely useful, as i will eventually be translating these drawings into knitted textiles, therefore, i need more variety in the beginning stages, in order to make the rendition more interesting to make and view.

For the next steps of this method, i will add more colours and use other mediums to create a contrast in textures, to make it more fun to translate into knit!

Abstract Bums

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