The Bum Jug

I bought this jug from Oxfam about 6 months ago. I took it as a sign that i definitely needed to do this project. So, as a starting point, i used the jug to draw from. Strangely, it was actually the colour that first caught my eye, then i realised it was a figure.

I want to mix a more literal drawing style with a more abstract one, in order to have more expression from the final outcome that can be then replicated into textiles (as to how i will do that, i have no idea yet). I have mixed medias in this drawing, (pastel, ink and wax crayon) to force myself to build it up in layers as this is the appearance i love about other peoples’ work, because it gives them more depth. In terms of observational drawing, I am used to trying to copy exactly what i see, and then being disappointed because my proportions are all over the show, so instead i have decided to use the object i am drawing as more of an inspiration and starting point. This gives me the creative freedom to respond to what is happening on the page as well as the object. It enables me to feel less restricted. For example, i feel the drawing i have done has actually come out much more rounded around the hips, implying that the bum is a lot bigger than it is, whereas, the jug is much flatter. (I do feel this has a lot to do with shading as well, but sometimes i am impatient. oops!)

I want to constantly refer back to this jug throughout my research as i find it interesting to think about who made the jug and why they chose to do it this shape, and i can be hands on with it and feel the shapes, rather than just looking at it. (i can also practice my shading!)

The Bum Jug

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