The Bum

wpid-20140604_124129I have wanted to do a project about bums for as long as I can remember. They fascinate me because of the varieties of shapes, sizes and movements. Each bum is unique and possess different qualities.

I began last summer exploring the ‘Bum’. It started with a few sketches.

wpid-20140604_124309 wpid-20140604_124302 dscf9668-e1405713034854These sketches were taken from photographs I had captured of people walking around in cities. They were not posing for me, just carrying out their day to day business. This shows ‘The Bum’ in its natural environment (if that is even a thing). I feel these images show just how ‘The Bum’ moves and holds itself. The shapes interested me because they were not the stereotypical shape that you would expect.

dscf9667-e1405713060930 dscf9666-e1405713080344From these, I went on to draw some ideas of shapes from my imagination.

Ultimately, I am intrigued by the varieties of Bums there are out there, and I want to know why I am interested and also, what I would deem to be ‘The Bum’. The one that is my favourite and therefore most appealing.

The Bum